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Destination: Obertraun

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Obertraun travel information

Unlike other ski resorts that pride themselves with groomed slopes for all ages and levels Krippenstein is mainly known for the endless possibilities of free riding. Here the ones that love to get away from it all, to really connect with nature and feel the adrenaline pumping do not choose the safe ski slopes but choose to ski on powder snow that has not been touched by others before. This way they can really feel alone with nature’s wanders.

Alpine Krippenstein area is located at an altitude of above 2000m with 11km of downhill run and 30 km of off-slope runs. You can get to the Krippenstein area with the help of the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car. The resort is rather small and provides great relaxation opportunities for those who want to just enjoy the view and fresh mountain air and excellent thrills for those who want to head for the slopes. The accommodation options are various and you can choose between rustic mountain lodges or more modern accommodation.

The thrill, the adventure and the fact that you are far away from the crowd gives you a marvelous feeling of exhilaration. You can’t really know what it is like until you try it once. But of course this experience is not for the beginners and only the very experienced ones can enjoy this privilege. This sport involves a lot of responsibility and expert knowledge of the weather conditions and snow. The equipment is compulsory and you can’t leave without important items like broad shovel, soft flex or first aid kit.

Krippenstein is quoted to be the best in free ride spots in Europe and even beats some of the well known resorts like Cortina d`Ampezzo or St. Moritz. You might think this is something new but free riding has been popular for a long time among those who enjoy the feeling of loneliness with the mountain and its snow. But keep in mind that it is not quite safe to be totally alone you need to ride with someone so that in case of emergency you can rely on somebody to help.

Maybe the risk is seen as a very attractive side of this sport and those who like taking risks can really enjoy it. Free ride Arena Krippenstein is the place that can offer you maximum adrenaline, a totally different thing that most ski resorts offer to the tourists. Mass tourism is not what Krippenstein offers but a place for only those who want to explore more of the mountains than what a simple resort offers. Here you can really hit adventure on a marvelous nature terrain that is sought by most true winter sportsmen who enjoy riding on the longest downhill run in Upper Austria and blend in with nature and pure powder.

If you have never tried it but it sounds really appealing you will not regret it but make sure you get well informed before you do so.

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Obertraun travel information

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Krippenstein, Austria, Obertraun  (NOT FOUND)

Krippenstein, Austria, Obertraun  (NOT FOUND)

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