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Destination: Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls travel information


Niagara Falls, Canada lies to the west, just across the Niagara River.

Who hasn’t heard of or seen Niagara Falls either on TV or in pictures? But I wonder how many of you have actually seen it? Of course it is a truly unforgettable experience and those who have visited Niagara Falls can say that it is everything they have expected and more.

The place boasts with tourists and it gives the place a particular feel as all you can see is happy and excited faces. It is a place that lightens up the spirit and the body.

Unlike other falls where the only experience you can have is to look at it from a distance here the possibilities are endless and the thrills worthwhile. It is one thing to see the falls on TV or even on an IMAX Theater six-story-high screen (an experience offered near the Falls) and another thing to be next to it or even go through it. Of course all the extreme experiences are not for the week at hearth, but knowing that nothing bad can happen to you can push you to go for it.

One of the best experiences is offered by the Maid of the Mist, a boat that takes you from the dock on the parkway and leads you right in the falls. You’ll see the water tumble over you and you’ll even get wet, but it is definitely worth the trip. This is no Disneyland, this is the real thing!

You can switch from the boat to the elevator at Table Rock House for a “Journey Behind the Falls“ that will prove just as exhilarating. Getting wet is not an option here either so a rain poncho is to be welcomed. There’re glass-fronted elevators that ca take you to a fancy restaurant set on the Skylon Tower Observation Deck that revolves to give the best view but it is just as expensive as it is fancy!

If you want a bite and especially if you are a big family and don’t want to spend much, there are plenty of good restaurants in town to head for or at Niagara-on-the-Lake which is only minutes away.

The entertainment possibilities here are endless from: hiking along the gorge, taking a helicopter ride, or a jet boat down the Niagara River and looking at the rainbows come out in the sun to activities not necessarily connected to the falls like biking or visiting a wax museum.

For romantic souls and not only, Niagara Falls by night is a scene from a fairytale. The explosion of light in many colors that light the falls is a magnificent sight not to be missed. In addition, there are free fireworks every Friday from 10pm.

Niagara Falls is not only a popular summer destination, during winter time it is just as packed with tourists as the ice bridge and other formations are luring tourists.

Finding accommodation is not a problem as there are plenty of B&Bs along the river, classic motel, fancy hotels, but also backpackers' hostels, something for every budget.

If you want your trip to be pleasant till the end avoid the tourist traps as there are many and you may end up paying a lot more that you expected and you really don’t have to, if you pay attention you can have a nice visit and stay without spending a fortune. Another tip to make the best of your visit is to get to the viewing points in the morning before the crowds get to them.

Keep an open eye, be smart and have the best of your Niagara Falls trip!

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Niagara Falls travel information

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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Niagara Falls, NY (IAG)

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Niagara Falls, NY (IAG)

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