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Destination: Saint John

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Saint John travel information


Saint John is New Brunswick's largest city. Also called "The Fundy City", Saint John is a destination not to be missed. The city ranks among the most atmospheric and attractive places to stay or at least, it succeed in making itself feel that way.

It offers unrivaled vacation possibilities for those who look for an unforgettable ocean adventure, colorful festivals, pristine parks and much more.

Disarmingly pleasant and easygoing, Saint John awaits its visitors with attractions around every turn. Its bustling downtown streets are lined with excellent sops and restaurants, but also some interesting historical sights. There’s plenty to do and see inside and outside the city. As far as accommodation is concerned you can find anything from bed and breakfast to classy hotels. Actually accommodation at Saint John is used by many as a starting point for exploring the natural wonders along the Bay of Fundy.

Being a tourist oriented city, Saint John offers visitors plenty of information and guidance on how to best spend your vacation depending on your needs and interest.

Centered on a commercial harbor, heavy industries are also the mainstay of the city’s economy and this can be clearly seen throughout the city. But despite its rough and unappealing part, the city still attracts visitors mainly because of its magnificent setting.

Downtown is the best part of the city and you can see here some beautiful brick and stone 19th-century Victorian homes and impressive mansions that are mostly famous for the odd and interesting gargoyles and sculpted heads that adorn them. It is a good place to stroll and it is bustling with people being the busiest part of the city. To make it accessible when the weather is not so nice and give the people the satisfaction to enjoy exploring the shops, the locals had the wonderful idea to build the so called "The Inside Connection" an elaborate network of underground and overhead pedestrian walkways that not only link the shops but also provides entertainment possibilities including a sports arena, an aquatic center, a provincial museum, a market and much more.

In good weather the best place to stroll is the waterfront. There are plenty of tours you can take and picking the right one for you depends on your interest in history and architecture. If you’re interested in impressive commercial buildings, take the "Prince William's Walk". You can get more info from the walking tour brochures offered by the Visitor and Convention Bureau or from brochures you can get at the Market Square information center.

A much more interesting and amazing sight is the Reversing Falls. It’s an experience not to be missed and to really feel the thrill of riding on a river whose flow is being reversed hop on a specially-designed jet boat and get the ultimate experience!

After an exciting day exploring the natural wonders of the city and its attractions you can end your day at the Imperial Theatre on Kings Square. This beautifully restored theatre provides some of the best entertainment in the city where you can see anything from Broadway road shows to local theatrical productions and concerts.

Coming to visit the oldest incorporated city in Canada and a bustling and historic port may prove to be an exciting experience and a place to offer both adventure and relaxation opportunities.

Whatever your budget or style, there is the culture, urban amenities, outdoor experiences and spectacular natural beauty to make your next vacation truly unforgettable.

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Saint John travel information

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Saint John, NB, Canada, Saint John, NB (YSJ)

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