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Destination: Saskatoon

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Saskatoon travel information


Not a big city of about 230,000 residents, Saskatoon is set on the edge of Canadian prairies at 257km (159 miles) NW of Regina.

You might wonder what could you possibly do or see here that might be of any interest. Well it is definitely not a highly popular destination, but it has the necessary attractions to keep you interested for a day or two. there’s a little bit of something for everybody, history buffs can sample some Ukrainian heritage in the area, kids can go to the zoo, art lovers have some galleries to visit and party lovers plenty of bars, pubs and even a casino.

The economical mainstay of the city is agriculture and due to this fact you will feel a certain Western air that dominates. Of course with the help of technology this branch of economy has developed a lot in the past years and here in Saskatoon you will find North America's top bioscience research centers.

Besides agriculture another just as productive and profit bringing industry is the mining industry and the most important product that is extracted is uranium. Other products like petroleum, gas, and gold are also extracted from the land. All of them are quite expensive and due to this richness of the land the population has a good standard of living.

Even if some of the residents of Saskatoon work in the mining industry you should expect to meet highly educated people due to the presence of University of Saskatchewan in the city. The 20,000 students that attend the university give the city a lively air and a vibrant nightlife. The university is one of the main attractions in the city and it occupies quite some space being set on 1,030-hectare of land. Part of it is where the campus stands and the rest is used as experimental ground in agriculture. To make it more entertaining and educational tours are organized for those who are interested. Education in Saskatoon has come a long way since the first school was built in 1887. You can make a comparison by visiting the Little Stone Schoolhouse.

It is a good spot to visit because it also has a nice setting and gives great views of the South Saskatchewan River and downtown. But you can enjoy even greater views if you go to the University Observatory that houses the Duncan telescope.

Another educational attraction is the Ukrainian Museum of Canada that traces the Ukrainian presence in the area. The museum hosts a collection of documents, clothes, tools and other crafts that are interesting to see. Another kind of act can be sampled at the Mendel Art Gallery housed in a modern building. Here you can see the works of Canadian artisans.

If you happen to be travelling with kids you must take them to the Saskatoon Zoo as they will love visiting it and see about 300 species of wildlife.

The city does not lack green spaces and scenic walkways and the presence of the South Saskatchewan River in the city adds to its beauty. The river slices through the city thus offering great waterfront for strolling, biking, and jogging just steps away from the local’s home. They must love it!

After a day’s visit you can have some fun at night too. You can choose the Saskatoon Symphony or the Persephone Theatre for a cultural night or the Emerald Casino for another type of entertainment.

With its university, museum, gallery, zoo and nice waterfront, Saskatoon is a pleasant weekend destination.

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Saskatoon travel information

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Saskatoon, SK, Canada, Saskatoon, SK (YXE)

Saskatoon, SK, Canada, Saskatoon, SK (YXE)

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