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Destination: Yellowknife

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Yellowknife travel information

Located in the northern part of Canada and built on the shores of a narrow peninsula jutting into Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife was inhabited by the Dene peoples before white people came because they were attracted by the gold that was discovered in the area. Gold extraction was the city’s economic mainstay for a long time and this can be observed as you first enter the city. Its glamour reminds people of that era.

You won’t find many gold-boom vestiges but as in any city there is something to remind you of the past: the Old Town which is one of the main attraction s in the city. Characteristic of the place are the shacks and cottages that give the city certain originality if not charm.

Another attraction right above the city is the Bush Pilot's Monument reminding us of those pilots who came here. There are still a great number of pilots that offer a comfortable transportation to different part of the area. So as you can imagine, here taxies are substituted by planes and it is only for the better as you can cover long distances in a short time. There are both charter planes and scheduled routes to suit everybody’s needs. The whole area is like a giant airport where planes take off and land every hour. It is a nice sight and it is pleasant to watch them just as you would watch the boats go by.

Transport is the cornerstone of the city’s economy the city being in the middle of a transportation network that connects communities across the Arctic.

Transport is also important here as the city is quite isolated, but it is exactly this isolation that attracts people, young people in general to Yellowknife. The city gives them a great opportunity to be just few steps away from the wilderness which gives them a certain sense of adventure which is quite appealing not even talking about the high salaries they are paid if they get a public-sector job. This flux of young people to the city can’t but reinvigorate it and make it a vibrant city. You will be happy to meet friendly and outgoing residents that can make your stay pleasant. But the cold weather pushes them back south and few grow roots.

If you want to taste a bit of the adventure the locals have join the DogPaddle Adventures that offers plenty of activities including canoe fishing trips in summer and dogsled rides, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, and snow-shoeing in winter. Aurora World Corp also offers similar activities plus maybe one of the most exciting tours lasting up to 4 hours whose main purpose is watching the Aurora Borealis which appears most often and vividly here in Yellowknife. Of course you will have the opportunity to taste some local cuisine.

If you want to learn more about the area, the Cygnus Ecotours offer natural history tours where you can learn a lot about the subarctic ecology, geology and the ecosystem. Bird-watching is also an option and it is quite interesting.

But the surrounding area is not the only interesting part to visit, the city is also of great interest and you can explore the sights, culture, history, and ecology of Yellowknife with the tour offered by Aurora World Corp. At Northern Frontier Regional Visitor Centre you can also get some information on walking trails, parks, local history, ecology, and Native culture. More on history, background and local people can be learned at The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.

The city has a vibrant nightlife and there are great opportunities to party given maybe by the city’s young residents so make the most of your visit t Yellowknife and plan your perfect holiday — one that is sure to create memories that last a lifetime.

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Yellowknife travel information

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Yellowknife, NT, Yellowknife, NT (YZF)

Yellowknife, NT, Yellowknife, NT (YZF)

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