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Destination: George Town

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George Town travel information


One of the hottest tourist destinations in the Caribbean in recent years, Grand Cayman is a hot spot for divers and a spot of tranquility for pensioners. It is the largest of the Cayman Islands -a British Crown colony-, and almost all of the 32,000 population live here.

Tourists should be aware of the characteristics of the climate when visiting Grand Cayman. There are two basic seasons, the summer season running from May through October, and the winter season running from November to May. It is the winter season most tourist prefer as it is favorable and most enjoyable what concerns temperature, it is least rainy, April and May being the driest period of the year. The rainy and even stormy summer season can be more than unfriendly: from June to November the possibility of encountering hurricanes is considerable.

The most popular attraction on Grand Cayman is apparently Seven Mile Beach, the most developed part of the island, an alluring strip of golden sand. But don’t you think that this beach is the only fabulous place you can find on Grand Cayman! The island is plenty of surprising sights worth visiting.

The capital, George Town, is the offshore banking center of the Caribbean with more than 500 banks! You can explore its major sights on foot in about an hour, of course you can spend hours shopping.

You really should explore the island in depths as well, taking a guided tour or renting a car or a scooter. You can drive north of George Town along West Bay Road and the above mentioned Seven Mile Beach. Take the guided tour of the East End, it is really worth the time: you will find here such attractions as blowholes (rock formations that produce huge spouts of water when waves hit), botanical gardens and remains of early settlements. A rest on the calm beach or a swim in the warm waters will be a pleasant break.

A place tourist might avoid is Hell (the name speaks), named by the early settlers of Grand Cayman. It is a small village in a desolate area in West Bay, covering about a quarter hectare of jagged limestone. Walking on the terrain is restricted, you can easily get injured. Disastrous for ships, and avoided even by animals - except birds - it’s clear how inhospitable Hell is. But you can send postcards from the post office, the only “attraction”, if you wish.

Although a “busy” day mostly spent at Seven Mile Beach usually lasts until dinner time, there is a growing tendency lately for after-dark entertainment. However, Grand Cayman will not win the nightlife supremacy - against Aruba or Puerto Rico - as 1am is the official closing time.

But you can have a great time until that, as some of the best bars are attached to restaurants so you can enjoy culinary pleasures and can party at the same place. If you want to make sure you will dance to live music, have a copy of the Cayman Compass, available at most hotels, which has a complete list of entertainment possibilities.

Grand Cayman is a family favorite. A wide range of child- and family-oriented activities is offered, so that every member of the family would have a great time. At Cardinal D’s park houses and Cayman Turtle Farm children can see a number of local animals and birds, and riding, diving - both for children up to 10-, miniature golf, snorkeling, parasailing are only a few of the possibilities families can choose from.

What else is needed for an ideal, unforgettable holiday? Grand Cayman waits for you!

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George Town travel information

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Grand Cayman Island, Caribbean, George Town  (GGT)

Grand Cayman Island, Caribbean, George Town  (GGT)

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