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Destination: Guardalavaca

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Guardalavaca travel information


Guardalavaca - Cuba

This wonderful place has attracted people since it was discovered by Christopher Columbus who immediately remarked its beauty and future importance.

He first discovered the place in 1492 and the Spanish left their mark on the history of the place. One of the places that best show the Spanish marks is Gibara, a colonial city and once a very important port during the Spanish rule.

Spanish people recognize immediately that Guardalavaca is a name that comes from the Spanish guarda la vaca which means “watch the cow”. Even if now the name has not much to do with its meaning you can still picture a place where animals once roamed freely. Guardalavaca offers more than cow watching actually it offers perfect beaches and beautiful waters. There are other neighboring resorts, too but Guardalavaca is favored even if it is low key and of smaller size but maybe that’s why people choose it.

It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy pristine beaches. But there is more to Guardalavaca than just nice beaches. It is a place rich in history. Being a former aboriginal settlement Guardalavaca is an important archeological site. History buffs can see the 15the century Arawakan Indian village.

The town itself is not of major touristic importance but the resorts are. You don’t have to think though at two separate regions the town and the resorts as when you refer to Guardalavaca you refer to the town, resort and the beaches around.

The facilities and the services being of top quality, the place ranks among the best beach destinations in the word. This highly renowned tourist attraction lures thousands of tourists from Cuba and abroad. They come here to enjoy nature, culture, history and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, diving or snorkeling. The conditions are excellent for water sports there are fully equipped centers and you can get the best equipment. For those who think of coming with their personal boat there is a marina offering all the facilities.

Even if Guardalavaca offers all the necessary facilities and local amenities and great entertainment possibilities it is not an overcrowded place, it is quiet and suitable for a getaway. You can even consider it as your base camp for visiting the area. You can visit Chorro de Maita, Mirador de Mayabe, Cayo Saetia and a number of nature reserves. Getting around is easy and trips are organized on regular basis.

Natural beauty, historic places, peace and tranquility, great outdoor activities, excellent services and more are offered by the unique Guardalavaca!

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Guardalavaca travel information

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Guardalavaca, Cuba, Guardalavaca  (NOT FOUND)

Guardalavaca, Cuba, Guardalavaca  (NOT FOUND)

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