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Destination: Varadero

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Varadero travel information


Varadero is set 140 km east of Havana on a peninsula that stretches for 20 km near the Cardenas Bay and Gulf Stream. The blue waters are stunning and the place abounds in wild life especially birds and fish. The peninsula is quite narrow, making it easy to visit and find your way. You can find hotels in any point of the peninsulas they line along the coast.

The major attractions the beach provides are activities like sunbathing, swimming, fishing, sailing, diving and so on and plenty of other activities not connected to water and beaches like golf, hiking and bird watching.

Varadero is a resort with a lot of potential for tourists and its history as a resort goes back as 1872. So it had plenty of time to develop and become world renowned. Of course in it humble beginnings it was mostly visited by Cubans who soon fell in love with the place and the fact that a large number of locals are still spending their holidays here is a sign that they still love the place.

Actually the resort numbers among the most popular beach resorts in Cuba. It all started with a few vacation houses and things developed slowly until famous people like Irene Dupont and Al Capone came to the area and soon they attracted other celebrities and the public eye turned to Varadero.

Around 1920s the resort began an international development and now there are over 55 hotels around from the most luxurious to the ones that care affordable for ordinary people and plenty of attractions and water based activities.

Sun and beach seekers find here what they are looking for and they can’t complain about the size either as in the 20 km of beaches they’ll surely find a spot for themselves.

Varadero is a small town but it has its attractions and it is quite pleasant. There is a small park called Parque Josone a nice relaxing spot with plenty of green space offering shade and comfort and a beautiful view including fountains and little lakes. But there is a larger park that includes most of the eastern part of the peninsula called Parque Ecológico Varahicacos which is really worth visiting for its caves that host some ancient pictographs.

Another interesting spot is Museo Municipal Varadero, hosted in a beautiful old wooden building, a perfect example of Caribbean architecture.

Kids will love the Delfinario that is to be found near the Marina Chapelín while the Parque de Diversiones is an amusement park full of surprises that your kid will surely love.

If you’d rather visit the area on a tour there are plenty of tours you can choose from with plenty of activities organized for the tourists. One of the nicest is watching the whole peninsula for the air and you can even jump with a parachute if you suddenly see a spot you find interesting to visit! There are helicopter rides too to Yumurí Valley. Traveling by air to the other nearby towns is not a problem as there are plenty of flights. Flying to Trinidad is really a must as it is a World Heritage Site.

Seeing the area from another perspective like under the water is magnificent and perfect for those who do not fancy scuba diving but want to enjoy the views offered by the corals and marine life. You can hop on a submarine and enjoy the view in a relaxed way.

Still under but now under the ground you can see the many caves that dot the area Bellamar Caves, Cuevas de Musulmanes and Cueva de San Ambrosio are very nice but Bellamar Caves distinguishes among the three.

If you’re looking for nice beaches, sun, relaxed atmosphere, green spaces, caves, dozens of fun activities to fill up your time and excellent accommodation facilities Varadero is the place!

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Varadero travel information

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Varadero, Cuba, Varadero  (VRA)

Varadero, Cuba, Varadero  (VRA)

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