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Destination: Cabarete

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Cabarete travel information


Cabarete is a small Caribbean beach town located in the Dominican Republic. It is a great spot for outdoor adventure having a cozy ambience combined with adventure feel. This combination is so attractive that many get trapped, in a good way and want to stay more.

What makes Cabarete so unique, both in the Dominican Republic, and in the world is the culturally cosmopolitan mixture of Dominican and Haitian natives together with other people who came to live their life in this wonderful place.

You can arrive at Cabarete taking a taxi and públicos, buses from Sosúa.

Cabarete enjoys a perfect location in terms of geographical position and climate, the winds are perfect for windsurfing, surfing and other water sports.

For all those interested in surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, boogie boarding, ocean kayaking, laser sailing, snorkeling, Cabarete is the place to go.

Cabarete is also the annual meeting place of amateur surfers who take their chances every June. With such a huge interest for windsurfing, the basis of a school was laid on Playa Cabarete. The name of the school is Caribbic Center; it offers services ranging from renting state-of-the-art equipment to teaching proper surf techniques. The Center includes a daily trek to Mount Isabel de Torres and also a 900m downhill cruise with the condition that there are enough people booked.

Another school to be found is wakeboard school, a place where the inexperienced in handling the board are being initiated by professional coaches. Located in a beautiful setting with palm trees and crystal-clear waters, the kite boarding lessons last for a whole week.

A place where the ocean and the jungle coexist, Cabarete mountainous region is the best choice for mountain biking, exploring caves, botany and hiking.

If you are a mountain biker you should look for "Iguana Mama", they are the ones that can show you what adventure is all about.

Another big attraction represents the shops situated along the main street, but also the small shops that form a cobweb.

The cosmopolitanism of the town is to be felt also in the dining of the region. On the highway parallel to the north coast are to be found an increasing numbers of large all-inclusive hotels and restaurants.

Also the annual Dominican Republic Jazz Festival gathers quality jazz performers that have concerts in Cabarete, Puerto Plata and Sosua.

So, go to the first travel agency that you see and book a ticket to this destination!

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Cabarete travel information

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