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Destination: Punta Cana

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Punta Cana travel information


Punta Cana, this sort of undiscovered gem of the Dominican Republic is one of the most scenic and affordable destination with twenty-five miles of white sand unrivaled in the Caribbean, plenty of luxurious all-inclusive resorts about 40 in number and numerous hotels to choose from. It is the perfect getaway for all who want to relax by the sea in a top Caribbean vacation destination.

Located in the far eastern point of the Dominican Republic, on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, in the province of Altagracia, Punta Cana ranks among the most popular resorts in the Caribbean, a touristy place totally oriented towards tourism but still keeping the air of a secluded place with not much to remind you of the city. There is a little settlement kind of a village though but it is hardly visited as it presents no interest. And people coming here do not really look for history, culture or anything that has to do with a settlement, the aim is to have fun, lots of sun, and relaxation.

Known for its spectacular beaches and clear waters Punta Cana attracts thousands every year to enjoy the beautiful beach, most of them are Europeans and this can be seen in the atmosphere, but the Americans kind of found out about the place, it was about time as they are not far away! The language spoken the most is Spanish but you can easily get yourself understood if you speak English.

The best time to visit it is off the hot season from May to October as the temperatures can become unbearable by those not used to heat mainly due to the high humidity in the air. The hot season is also the period when most of the hurricanes occur so it is better to avoid this period. It does not mean that you should exclude the possibility to come here because of the hurricane danger. Natural phenomena can happen anywhere any time.

Because of the tropical climate you can expect mosquitoes but they do not present a problem. The weather is mostly pleasant with average temperatures of 77 degrees F and not much rain but rain is welcomed especially during the hot season.

Getting here is real easy; you either fly in La Romana Airport or chose to fly in direct to Punta Cana as the resort has its own airport located close to the resort area. Upon arrival you have to buy a 10 dollar tourist card and fill it in. the airport is in the open air so there are no indoor gateways. You’ll have to stand in line and present your papers 7 times before you get out of the airport, but anyway it is stress free and easier than it sounds.

Transportation to your hotel can be previously arranged or just pick a taxi when you get there but be sure to pick the city taxis as they are cheaper.

You don’t have to worry about accommodation facilities as there are plenty hotels many of them having up to 500 rooms. You can choose to stay in any of them depending on your budget as they range from luxurious to less expensive ones. They are not sky high as the law does not permit so they are more like stretched on a bigger area.

There are 40 smaller resorts to choose from and they stretch along the coast. Some of the ones worth mentioning are the Meliá Caribe Tropical Resort and the Barcelo Bávaro complex hosting some of the best facilities in the beach and pool facilities in the Caribbean.

The best thing when you come here is to come on a package deal and stay in an all inclusive hotel, you will save a lot doing that.

Coming to Punta Cana you will fell like a celebrity and maybe even sit next to one on the beach as this lovely resort is really posh.

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Punta Cana travel information

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