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Destination: Megeve

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Megeve travel information


Megève is a very popular resort with rustic atmosphere that can easily be reached from Geneva’s airport as there’s only an hour and a half ride by car or if you prefer buses, there’re scheduled bus service from the airport. Train rides are also an option and they leave you at Sallanches, 13 km away, where bus and taxi services are available.

Once you get there getting around is just as easy with the free local bus system that takes you to your destination and if you arrive by car, there’s plenty of parking space to make the beginning of your journey pleasant and stress free, but your whole stay will be just as enjoyable.

Megève is the favorite winter destination of the French who come here after spending their summer on the Riviera. The luxury and the beauty of the place equal that of the summer resort. But Megève is favored by all the Europeans who fancy a resort that beautifully combines old and new in a style worthy of praise. It is a delight only to stroll its narrow streets whose walkways are always clean and marvel at the old church, the medieval tower, French country inns, antique shops, deluxe hotels and all the small squares so even if you don’t feel like being on the slopes. Actual shopping here might cut off a big peace from your budget!

Megève offers all the necessary ingredients for a relaxing winter vacation whether you are a romantic or a more practical person. Plenty of action is offered for the active ones at the excellent sports center. There’s skating, indoor climbing wall and curling, tennis, golf, sauna, fitness and swimming with two covered pools.

Fun is guaranteed as here are some of the best discos, late-night casinos and nightclubs with live entertainment having as protagonists some France’s top singers. It gets started after midnight so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your dinner and rest a bit before hitting the dance floor.

If you feel like trying changing the scene Chamonix or Geneva are popular destinations both being only about an hour away.

Good eating is ensured by the gourmet restaurants while the perfect skiing conditions and the fact that it connects to other neighboring slopes providing a skiing domain of almost 200 miles of trails make all skiers consider Megève their favorite destination.

Skiers of all levels find here plenty of space to practice on and the variety of terrain surpasses all other European resorts. The only drawback, if we can call it that way is that it is situated at a low elevation and you won’t get a lot of fresh snow all the time, but there will always be the right conditions for you to ski, locals see to that. The good part is that you won’t have to endure blistering colds.

Expert skiers will find skiing from Cote 2000 down and Le Jaillet, at 5,576 feet ideal for a challenge. The whole area from Jaillet side to La Giettaz offers them nice rides. Skiing down Alpette peak is for a beginner’s experience and so is Le Jaillet. It is easy to find which slope to choose as you have the yellow jacketed guides to help you with any questions. You will easily recognize them after their jackets and they are on the slopes every day.

If you want more that just information, training is provided by the 200 ski teachers from the area. You just have to register in the class that suits your level.

Megève has in its collection all of the necessary ingredients for stardom: excellent slopes, hotels, restaurants, relaxing opportunities, atmosphere and nightlife.

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Megeve travel information

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