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Destination: Kiskunmajsa

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Kiskunmajsa travel information


Hungary is well known for its thermal waters and there are plenty of spas around the country but in the east and southeast it seems like they are everywhere.

Not far from Kecskemet, about 75 km lies Kiskunmajsa a huge entertainment park and wellness center. People from all the area and from abroad come here to spend their holiday. There are Romanians, Bulgarians, Germans and generally people from all the neighboring countries and not only.

There are all types of cheap accommodations like the camping that is right next to the parking lot or more luxurious conditions. It is really worth coming here for more days to be able to enjoy everything this place has to offer. The entrance fee is not expensive at all compared to Hajduszoboszlo which is a similar facility a bit further to the east towards the Romanian border but has less on offer.

A good tip. As you have to pay for the parking don’t throw away the parking ticket because you will get a discount at the entrance which is a pretty good deal. There are discounts for retired people and for children, children under 3 do not have to pay. Once you are in you don’t have to pay for the slides and there are a great number of slides for both children and adults and for any other facility except if you want to go bungee jumping, or play mini golf.

First thing you do when you get there is to check out a spot under a tree which will ensure your shade throughout the day, but an umbrella or parasol will do too. You can leave your valuables at the entrance or even you clothes and luggage where you will get a key.

There is a lifeguard at each swimming pool to ensure safety and order.

Then you can start wondering around to see all the facilities on offer. There are quite a few. And it will take you some time just to go by each. Starting with the children’s swimming pools they have slides and there is a bucket that when it gets filled with water falls on them and there animal figures splashing water.

There is a swimming pool that produces waves, then there is one where water pushes you like in a river, there are caves where you can “hide”, there are 4 slides for children over 14 and adults. The swimming pools with thermal water are covered and have temperatures ranging from 30 to 37 degrees Celsius. There is a nice pool where you can switch between hot and cold water. It is excellent for your blood circulation.

Still on the premises, a medium size lake welcomes the tourists with sandy shores and pleasant water. Children can play in the sand just like at the seaside. It is important to mention that the whole region in this part of Hungary has sandy grounds. It is very interesting to see trees and other vegetation being rooted in the sand especially for those used to see sand only at the seaside.

In the middle of the lake there is a big “mountain” made of plastic and filled with air on which you can practice free climbing, if you fall you fall in water so there is no risk. You can also walk on a plastic floating rocking bridge and put your balance to the test.

You can also play mini golf, chess, practice bungee jumping, play football on a wet football pitch made of plastic and on which it is very difficult not to slip, you have to wear a helmet for security. But there is a football pitch where you can play on sand, and you can also play there basketball and volleyball.

There are plenty of terraces inside the park where you can eat traditional dishes.

Kiskunmajsa is definitely the greatest spot in the area to go for a week or more there is plenty to do around for a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for a cheap package deal you can find it here, a perfect place for families and not only.

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Kiskunmajsa travel information

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