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Destination: Negril

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Negril travel information

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Negril is a large beach resort in Western Jamaica.

Named the “Capital of Casual”, Negril can be divided into two towns: the East End situated on the highway that links the east side of Negril to Montego Bay, is the place where are to be found posh all-inclusive resorts, while the West End is the home of smaller, family-run hotels, cottages and guesthouses.

Negril is still fairly underdeveloped which remains a significant factor in its undoubted charm. The resorts include Couples and Sandals with beaches reserved to illegal ganja and nude bathers.

The hippies were the ones who discovered the beauty of Negril and kept coming thus helping it develop. It developed in a way that reminds us of the hippie’s way of living. The locals are very proud of this way of living and feel like they are unique.

Negril is truly an amazing resort area. With crystal clear Caribbean Sea, beautiful beach, majestic cliffs, and mysterious caves, it makes for an adventurous vacation experience.

The major attraction of Negril is Seven Mile Beach. The atmosphere here is relaxed, laid back and not too developed. Seven Mile Beach is still as beautiful as ever. The beach is full of resorts which attract a lot of tourists.

Villagers will take you on a tour of the swamp. An important attraction site represents Cotton Tree Lake which shelters many animals, including the Jamaican pond turtle and wild ducks. You can have Jamaican meals in the lakeside restaurant.

You may explore on your own Negril by renting a car or a scooter. In the north on highway A1 after passing The Great Morass, you may stop at Hurricane Park something to eat or drink. West of Green Island at Rhodes Mineral Springs and Beach visitors can spend their nights at beach parties, drinking cold drinks at thatched bars. From the multitude of beaches you may also choose Half Moon Beach, situated at 914m (3,000 ft.) west from Hurricane Park.

Miles of beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, Negril is the heaven of water sports facilities. Scuba diving and snorkeling are one of the two most wanted activities. You can dive up to twice daily, with top-of-the-line equipment provided, and explore dozens of the best dive sites, from ancient shipwrecks to wall dives.

Deep sea fishing represents another relaxing activity; this is an opportunity to go and explore the waters of the Caribbean every trip is a great experience, mingle with local fishermen and share stories.

If you don’t want to do any activity you can just lay back on your towel, with or without a bathing suit, and enjoy the benefic rays of the sun in this secluded place.

Negril has a host of accommodations to suit every budget and need; from all-inclusive hotels to small inns and cottages. And no matter where you choose to stay, you'll always be near the ocean. If you're looking for a quiet and secluded hideaway, you've come to the right place. If you want to stay in an action packed posh resort, you are again in the right place.

The majority of the visitors choose an all-inclusive resort along Seven Mile Beach because of the cost of lodging, meals, entertainment, shopping, excursions and bonuses at sports and drinks. You may also accommodate at inns and small B&B-type places in West End, placed on rocky cliffs instead of a beach. Cheaper than a posh resort on Long Bay, these types of lodging do not allow families with children under 8 years to accommodate here because on the dangerous cliffs.

But if you really want, you can experience renting a cheap room in a rustic hut at one of the dining places.

Negril is a great place for eating explorations, having a wide range of restaurants where you can experience Jamaican meals and drinks.

With so many beaches along the Caribbean Sea, your will have an active nightlife with open-air beach parties and live reggae music.

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Negril travel information

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Negril, Jamaica, Negril  (NEG)

Negril, Jamaica, Negril  (NEG)

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