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Destination: Luquillo

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Luquillo travel information


El Yunque is the name of an untouched rain forest hidden in the east of the city San Juan. Even if the forest is virgin, it represents one of the most important and most visited attractions you can find in Puerto Rico.

The size of the forest it is around 28,000 acres a fact which makes it the largest public land of Puerto Rico. The highest altitude spotted in this block of land rises to 1,078 above sea level. Another important fact is that 75% of Puerto Rico virgin forests are here.

El Yunque is the oldest tropical reservation in the western hemisphere and the reason for which the Caribbean government is investing so much money in it, is that here you can find flowers, trees and especially animals which are in a phase of extinction. This tropical forest is a home for 240 species of trees and there are species that can’t be found elsewhere.

El Yunque is popular for the existence of the red-fronted Puerto Rican parrot in its trees, a parrot which almost disappeared but happily, nowadays the number of this species is acceptable. Another rare and fascinating creature living in these forests is the Puerto Rican boa. Without counting the absolutely beautiful species of tropical birds and millions of different frogs, you won’t leave this place without noticing the breathtaking scenery of the orchids (counting 20 species), colorful tropical flowers and old, huge trees.

The area of El Yunque is the rainiest from all of the forests in the country. The amount of water is huge: more than 100 billion gallons of rainwater in one year. Consequently, it is necessary for every tourist to bring his umbrella unless he wants to get cold deep down to the bones.

Even if you probably get scared because of the quick and strong showers which are falling almost every day in El Yunque, you will surely find a safe shelter placed along the way, in this enormous park.

El Yunque forest is divided into four splendid forests. Every each of them is marked with trails and along your way you will be captivated by the large amount of bird species, waterfalls, valleys and marvelous flowers. Despite the wild impression that leaves you the description, you will be surprised to find marked trails to pass on foot and you can provide lots of useful information at the El Portal Visitors Center. Here you can find multimedia features, even movies and maps that you can explore.

If you want to spend more than one day here, there are camping areas prepared for you. Or, if you are the adventurous type, you can explore the large forest on the back of a horse. Family activities as picnicking will be really pleasant and enjoyable to try, especially because there are picnic shelters, restrooms, parking places and potable water. The accessibility is really easy, because you can find the way with no impediments from the closest city, San Juan, on a road with access to the reservation, arriving here in less than one our.

All of the features presented here make from El Yunque rain forest the best tropical forest among all the forests Puerto Rico owns.

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Luquillo travel information

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