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Destination: Techirghiol

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Techirghiol travel information


How to get there

Coming by car from Constanta you can take the road from Agigea on the national DN 38 road to Negru Voda and after 3 km you will be welcomed by the view of the lake. If you come to Eforie Nord by train you have only 3 km to Techirghiol. Coming by plane the closest airport is Mihail Kogalniceanu


The position of the resort only 3 km away from the sea in a steppe region determines the climate which is continental temperate with marine influences. Average temperature in a year is of 11 degrees Celsius and air humidity is around 80%. The wind blows most of the time and it has a speed of about 4/5 km/h. The climate is ideal as it offers a low thermal comfort that allows the body to adapt quickly to the climate changes. The climate is used for therapeutic purposes and the term climate-therapy is much used to describe this. The climate in combination with the cold mud baths is excellent for many kinds of diseases.

The sapropelic Mud (pelos=silt)

This mud found in the lake is an important asset as it brought the place its fame. This mud received the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1924. Its properties are unique as it has a complex chemical composition resulted after long years of biological process. The mud is found at the bottom of the lake on an area of 90 hectares and in a half meter thick layer. The mud is like fuel oil shiny thick and greasy and it has a powerful smell. When you apply it on your body it stretches like rubber and perfectly moulds on your body absorbing all the water and humidity off your skin. It also stores heat easily when it is warmed up and then giving it up slowly to the body so when it is applied you don’t feel it as hot as a warm bath in water. The warmed up mud is used in many ways: wrappings vagina swabs and in combination with the salted water for baths.

The salted water from the lake

The water has a great concentration of salt as the lake is an old maritime bay that was once part of the sea. During the years it got separated from the sea by a stretch of sand that determined a great concentration of salt due to water evaporation. The therapeutic effect of the water is given by its salt temperature chemical composition and high density making the body float on water much easier than in other types of water. So you feel that your body looses weight.

All these properties make the resort very attractive for all those who are in need of different treatments and even for the healthy ones.

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Techirghiol travel information

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Techirghiol- therapeutic properties, Techirghiol  (NOT FOUND)

Techirghiol- therapeutic properties, Techirghiol  (NOT FOUND)

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