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Destination: Palma De Mallorca

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Palma De Mallorca travel information

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Palma de Mallorca, Spain

It is a place that attracts both the rich and famous and the common people who fell in love with the rugged beauty of this marvelous place.

Before it was discovered as a great spot to spend your vacation, the island was known mostly to the locals who by the time were very poor and little was done to improve and add to the island’s facilities. After the idea of tourism stroke as a major possibility of income for the locals the place began to develop and it went pretty well as now it is one of the most appreciated destinations.

You have everything from nice beaches to steep cliffs and the services are excellent. There are plenty of accommodation possibilities and you’ll find here one of the greatest concentration of beds in the area destined for tourists. They are occupied most of the time as the island gets some 6 million visitors a year. It is quite a huge number compared to the number of the residents living in the city, which is about 350 thousand.

The language spoken here is Catalan along with Spanish but you can see a lot of displays in English as most tourists are English. They come here to relax and they don’t complain about not being able to do so, maybe that’s why the place is also called “the island of calm”. They come here all year round as the mild climate attracts tourists even in winter. But of course those who have getting a suntan in mind come in summer.

But there’s more to Palma than pretty views and sunshine. There is much more to see and do around. People here are deeply religious and one of the most evident proofs of that is the cathedral they built, an impressive stone structure that took about 400 years to build. The cathedral looks great from the outside and it is situated on top of a hill so everybody can spot it. No wonder it is among the major attractions. Because of its huge size the stained glass windows can’t provide enough light so it is pretty dark inside.

Another impressive building included on the list of top attractions in Palma is the Bellver Castle that also sits on top of a hill. It is history buffs’ favorite as it boasts an exhibition of the history of Mallorca. It is worth a visit even if you’re not a victory fun because of the great views you can see from there. Still on history there’s the Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani, a great museum with interesting exhibits that can keep you busy for a few hours. Museo de Mallorca has different kinds of displays each featuring a different theme, including Islamaic archaelogy, fine arts, and industrial arts. And the list of museums goes on with: Es Baluard. Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma, Palau March Museu, Fundacion Pilar y Joan Miro. They are all very interesting and the exhibits are quite different.

Recreational activities abound and among the many choices playing golf is a favorite. There are of 6 great golf courses just about 20 minutes from the centre of Palma. Some have hosted many prestigious tournaments and can pride themselves with great names that have played on the court from presidents to film stars.

Palma is a great base to visit the area and there’s a lot to see around. One of the nice spots just a few minutes away is Portal Nous, a quiet resort perfect for relaxing and watching celebrities.

Nightlife in Palma offers the best entertainment there is and you will never complain for not finding a bar, club or restaurant to suit your taste.

Great entertainment, excellent relaxation, beautiful scenery and beaches and plenty of activity is what Palma de Mallorca has to offer its visitors that will definitely return to this paradise.

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Palma De Mallorca travel information

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