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Destination: Maidstone

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Maidstone travel information


Everybody knows that England is famous for its castles. They are extraordinary pieces of art and are part of the country’s history.

One of the many castles you can visit is Leeds Castle, located in the South East of England 7 miles east of Maidstone, between London and the Channel ports, in Kent region.

You can get to the castle by road, rail or by sea then through the Eurotunnel. If you choose the road M25 offers fast and easy access from the north. There is also a coach service called National Express that can take to the castle. From London you can easily get to the castle by rail. If you come from the inland through the Eurotunnel, there are only 25 miles from its terminal.

If you haven’t seen the castle in pictures you will be astonished at its beauty and marvelous setting and it will take some time before you actually start to move towards it as you will definitely want to take your time to admire it from the outside. The location is dreamy, on an island in the middle of a lake and surrounded by 200 hectares of parks. It was beautiful a thousand years ago and it is beautiful now.

It was built in 1066 and was the residence of kings and queens till the mid 16th century when it became a private property.

There are many activities in store: the visitors can get an insight of the people who lived in here, breath fresh air, have a walk in the gardens, watch the birds from The Aviary, play some golf, shop in the nearby shops or have a meal in one of the restaurants.

The castle is beautiful in every season and there are loads of events so after you have visited it once you can come back and visit it again and again and it will always surprise you with something new.

In spring the castle shines among the many flowers and comes to life with the singing o the birds. You will be surrounded by daffodils, narcissi and wood anemones and maybe take part at the Flower Festival. In summer the scenery is just as great and the many events include The Festival of English Food and Wine, archery demonstrations, bird display, dancing nights and open air concerts. In autumn you may witness the balloon week, the fruit displays and more. Winter is no less interesting as you can come here for Christmas and marvel at the beautifully decorated castle, have a healthy walk in the gardens then come back to warm up in the cozy castle.

No matter what season you choose to visit the castle you are sure to find some events to fill up your day, but just seeing it is a special event in its own. Check for the calendar of events on the website.

Leeds Castle makes for a perfect one day outing or if you happen to head somewhere else and the castle is on your way you must definitely stop for a visit, it will be an experience you will never forget.

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Maidstone travel information

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Leeds Castle, Maidstone, United Kingdom, Maidstone  (NOT FOUND)

Leeds Castle, Maidstone, United Kingdom, Maidstone  (NOT FOUND)

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