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Destination: Boca Raton

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Boca Raton travel information

Boca Raton is a large city in Florida at only 26 miles S. of Palm Beach. It is a very clean and expensive city, a place for VIPs and all those who want to live in style. You won’t see many funny looking individuals, no funky style around. This does not mean though that the city is out of fashion in any way, it is very much in fashion and a very luxurious place to live.

Those who speak Spanish will realize where the name of the city comes from as "boca de ratones" means “rat's mouth” and they gave it this name because of the dangerous rocks that fill its bay. It has really nothing to do with rats in the city, the city is so clean and stylish that you will see no rodents around.

From its humble beginnings when the Calusa Indians populated the land the place developed into a nice touristic destination with buildings colored pink in architect Addison Mizner’s style that gives the city a unique look.

Its look is also enhanced by the great beachfront parks, stylish shops, world class restaurants, local landmarks and a general feel of clam and leisure, a great place to live for its residents and a perfect spot to spend your vacation.

Boca Raton resort is also a family resort centered on the kids offering them plenty of activities and programs while not leaving adults out of the equation. All the members of the family can have the fun they dream of in a vacation. Among the beach activities there are quite a number of water sports including snorkeling, wave boarding, ocean kayaks, aqua aerobics and more.

Being more centered on leisure sports, nightlife in Boca is number two on the list and you won’t see crowds roaming the streets at night as they want to be fresh in the morning to pursuit their favorite activity.

A great one is going on a 12 miles bicycle tour that will reveal the beauties of the place: coastal parks, mangrove forests, hardwood hammocks, different types of plants, trees and wildlife but also the neighborhoods. Another tour this time on water is the Eco Kayak Tour taking you alongside the mangroves revealing the flora and fauna of the place. More on nature can be seen at Daggerwing Nature Center where herons, egrets, woodpeckers, and warblers will enchant you with their sight. Art and history buffs have the Boca Raton Museum of Art to visit and se some great works of both local and international artists like Degas, Klee, Matisse, Picasso, Seurat.

The main attraction around are the beaches, some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and many of them are located in state parks thus being free of charge. One of them is Boca Raton's South Beach Park with 25 acres of sand and all the necessary facilities including restrooms and showers. Then there is Spanish River Park Beach with 95-acre oceanfront park that also has a lush grassy area for picnicking. You have everything you need there for a perfect picnic all you need to bring is food. Outdoor activities and games like volleyball are very popular.

A beach that is very close to Boca is Delray Beach's Atlantic Dunes Beach that is far less expensive that Boca and it is worth sleeping here and spending your day in Boca. It is a good idea to eat here too as Atlantic Avenue has great restaurants, refreshments, snack shops and bars. Nightlife is animated and it does not go of limits which makes this place perfect for families with kids. Kids can feel safe as there are plenty of lifeguards to watch out fro them on the strip. In the water they are also safe as there are no big waves around making it perfect for swimming.

There is no admission to the beach that has all the necessary facilities and a family park area. It is quieter and much more laid-back than Boca and not so packed with people though you can’t really say it is not crowded.

All in all Delray Beach is a nice little beach town attracting both youngsters and families.

With great activities to suit all ages, excellent accommodation and dining and great beaches, Boca Raton ranks among the classiest resorts in Florida. Don’t miss it if you have style!

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Boca Raton travel information

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