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Destination: Durango

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Durango travel information


Located SW of Denver Durango was and still is a railroad town. Settled more than a century ago, in 1880 to be more precise, Durango came into being mainly due to the expansion of the railroad line toward Silverton.

The main activity around the area was mining and precious metals like gold and silver were extracted. The gold rush brought people to Durango and the town soon developed into a transportation center. The mining business was profitable and the town’s economy relied on it until 1960s, but then there was a shift towards tourism. The ski resort now called Durango Mountain Resort, opened. Lots of tourists were interested in the opportunities this new ski resort offered and the town had a lot to gain from it.

Being a railroad town it is no wonder that now one of the city’s main attraction is the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad that tourists love and it’s a profitable business since over 200,000 people choose to enjoy the ride every summer. At the beginning the future of the railroad was not as promising as the tracks to Antonio and Colorado were closed. The only route remaining was Durango-Silverton and it is good it did. Now the tourists can enjoy a steam-train trip on this route and see the beautiful scenery that opens before their eyes as they travel along the track.

Durango also offers an alternative to the train trip, you can choose to explore the surrounding area and the mountains by bike, and there are various other outdoor activities to meet your demands: river rafting, fishing and hiking in summer and winter sports for the colder season. This way you can come whenever you want during the year and you will always find something to do outside the city as well as inside.

If you feel like staying in town but still fancy outdoor activities, you needn’t worry, Durango meets your wish with about 20 parks where you can go for a picnic, play tennis or practice other sports. All you have to do is refer to the Durango Parks and Recreation Department and get a pass. But depending on what you want to do and how much time you want to spend there you can choose the right pass for you. It is still advisable to get a day pass as you will be able to enjoy all the facilities of the center including the ones indoors like swimming, workout, weight lifting, wall climbing and so on.

The ranch complex is another worth visiting spot with a miniature train and an Old West town of shops.

Those interested in the city’s history and culture will have plenty of interesting sites to visit as there are a lot of historic buildings including the splendid Strater Hotel, a building that once hosted the city’s first bank, and some amazing stone churches. Another of the stone made buildings is the La Plata County Historical Society Museum once a schoolhouse. It traces the history of the local area with different exhibits including a restored 1870 log cabin from the town that predated Durango called Animas City, and the history of the American West and the American Indians. The research library it hosts is much appreciated, but besides studying the books you can also buy some at the museum’s shop.

As for a cultural evening entertainment the Diamond Circle Melodrama is the best choice. During summer it features genuine 1800s melodrama and comedy. Then there’s the historic Abbey Theater featuring a variety of entertainment, from avant-garde films to live music.

After a day’s visit you can enjoy an excellent traditional meal at Bar D. You can choose between roast beef, barbecued chicken breast and other specialties that are sure to satisfy.

For those seeking action both under a roof and outdoors Durango recreation includes whatever you fancy, Durango recreation will fill your vacation with fun!

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Durango travel information

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Durango-Silverton Railroad, Durango, CO (DRO)

Durango, CO, United States, Durango, CO (DRO)

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