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Destination: Hana

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Hana travel information


Hana exudes small-town friendliness and a small-scale feel that allows a family to wander comfortably and make friends. This tiny settlement has only a few hundred inhabitants that enjoy their own village’s gentler pace and prefer it just the way it is and most of them want it to remain friendly, funky, and forgotten and tourism as a way of development is not really taken into consideration.

From 1943 Hana had several owners the first being Paul Fagan who decided to buy the land after the sugar plantation closed. The rich businessman established Hana Ranch and the Hotel Hana-Maui that are still operating. They are that town’s income generators and the dominant business in town. To commemorate the town’s benefactor the residents raised large white cross on the hillside.

The little town’s fate was about to change in 1989 when a Japanese corporation bought most of the town including the major sustainers of the local economy: the ranch and the hotel. Their big plans of turning Hana into a exquisite tourist destination with modern facilities like a golf course, a shopping and restaurant complex, a new oceanfront hotel and many residential properties have remained in the planning stage and none of those grandiose plans were accomplished much to the delight of some residents who don’t welcome changes even if, they have to admit, those plans would have started an economic boom they would have benefited from.

When the town passed to the U.S., a few changes occurred like the Ranch being separated from the hotel, but there were not on a large scale. Those who know abut the place’s history could even say that because the number of inhabitants has become considerably smaller, the town is in decline. But the tourists who look for this kind of forgotten paradise couldn’t care less as they can find here the basic facilities that can make their vacation a pleasant stay.

If you come to Hana on the highway you can enjoy some extraordinary views that will get you set in the right mood for visiting the town.

If you want to come to Maui, but intend to stay low-key, undisturbed by a crowd of other tourists, Hana is the place to be. It’s a place where you can really relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and choose your own plan for the day. But no matter what you choose be certain to have a wonderful time in this little part of paradise that has everything you imagine for such a place: a rugged coastline, mountain waterfalls, secluded pools, all kinds of beaches, tropical jungles and much more.

Depending on how active you are you can choose to watch the sunrise from cliffs, lay on the beach all day and bathe in one of the pools or go for more activity swimming, hiking in the jungle and get to know every little secret of the place. The last choice is better as only this way you will get a real feel of the place and taste a bit of the local’s way of life. In such a place you can really escape from all your worries and you will feel like a different person. No more rushing to complete a thousand tasks, no more 25 hour working day, just peace and tranquility, the most valuable asset for a person’s health.

If you want to ome back among people downtown welcomes you with nice restaurants, and the Hotel Hana-Maui being the downtown centerpiece you can check out some of its facilities. Hit the beaches for the additional fun and romance of a night spend gazing and playing at the ocean.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing vacation with the opportunity to discover the area’s sites, enjoy the scenery or just to experience a great area to hike, swim and golf start packing your bags for an unforgettable journey to Hana.

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Hana travel information

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Hana, HI, United States, Hana, HI (HNM)

Hana, HI, United States, Hana, HI (HNM)

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