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Destination: Reno

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Reno travel information


With so many gambling opportunities in numerous casinos, the city of Reno is often associated to Las Vegas though not as sparkling and exotic. Las Vegas is more like a dream city especially built only for having fun and gamble your money while Reno is a real city with real activities, a real river flowing through downtown, with shops that have other purposes besides catering to tourists, they cater to its resident’s needs.

The city has many lovely districts one of which is the Arts District located on the banks of Truckee River the Tourists will enjoy walking around. Another beautiful area is the one around First Street with plenty of spots where you can relax, shop, see some good exhibits or watch a good movie. If you fancy going to a concert, head towards West Street Plaza. The arts center is Virginia Street with Riverside Hotel Artist Lofts and the Pioneer Center. If you would rather have a guided tour The Historic Reno Preservation Society offers a series of architectural and historical walking tours of the city.

You will be able to see Reno's historic areas and marvel at the classic American architectural styles of the buildings. Downtown can pride itself with a work of art, a distinctive four-level building hosting The Nevada Museum of Art. The inside is just as fascinating as the outside with boasting exhibits on nature and the environment.

Still in downtown is another type of attraction, the Truckee River Whitewater Park, a unique place where you can practice white-water rafting and kayaking. It is 2,600 feet long with channels that surround a city park on an island in the river. It brings the outdoors in the middle of town and all this fun is for free.

Among the attractions is The National Automobile Museum where you can see all types of cars from antique to classic. It is a favorite attraction for all those who love cars and are interested in seeing old models. The different period they belong to can also be seen from the background in which the car is presented. Besides admiring the different types of cars the visitor can also learn a lot about the history and the manufacturing of cars.

The city as you see it today has grown a lot since its early days when it was a main destination for all those who wanted a quick divorce. All they had to do is stay in the city for 6 weeks. The locals did not let this opportunity go by. Even if people flocked to the city for other reasons than the touristy one, they did everything to make them have a good stay, thus lots of ranches sprung up to cater to those who spent their 6 weeks in the city. They had all the comfort and plenty of activities to kill their time during the day and night.

Later tourism expanded and bigger casino-hotel resorts were built and the outdoor activities gained a more important role. Today people come to Reno mainly for gambling and for the outdoors, Lake Tahoe being located close to the city.

There are outdoor activities throughout the year so no matter when you come to Reno you’ll always find something to do. In winter Lake Tahoe is the main drag while in the other seasons all those who love mountain biking head towards the Truckee River Trail.

Those who like more secluded places and a bit of hiking, have the Peavine Mountain where they can get quite easily from the city. The former mining roads and trails have been transformed to be used as hiking and mountain biking routes.

Nightlife is just as full of attraction and adventure, with many casinos, intimate bars, showrooms and cabaret lounges to keep your night going. If you don’t like wondering around you can choose to stay in one of the casino hotels that provide all the entertainment you want.If Las Vegas is not an option for you, Reno can provide enough entertainment to be satisfied and want to come back for more.

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Reno travel information

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