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Destination: Sarasota

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Sarasota travel information


Set on Florida’s Gulf coast Sarasota is a mix of the right ingredients for a perfect destination that can please any tourist.

What does this mix consist of? Well it consists of: great shopping facilities, attractions, endless activities both on water and on land, great accommodation to suit every budget.

The beaches offer the most: water based activities, relaxation and fun but besides that there is a lot more you can do. Fine dining, playing golf, take part in some cultural activities, visit museums and emerge yourself in great natural landscapes.

The activities being so diverse Sarasota is considered to be perfect for both families and singles. If you come only for a short time it’d be better to set your priorities first as you won’t be able to do a lot in 2 or 3 days. So make a list that could look like this museums, go on a cruise, go swimming, go shopping, snorkeling, go canoeing, play golf, visit the local gardens, check out the culinary offer at the restaurants, go on a safari, or just lie on the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and water. Tick some or all and then decide on what to do first.

I’d definitely start with the beaches and the islands. There’s St Armands Key, Crescent Beach, Turtle Beach, Venice Beach all offering something unique. At Venice Beach you can look for some shark teeth, Crescent Beach is great for shopping. Than I’d continue with a cruise. And to keep being connected to nature go to visit the Marie Selby Botanic Gardens boasting some 20,000 exotic plants and a green house where you can have an idea of how a rain forest looks like. And what’s best is that it is not closed in winter and you still have plenty to see. It is the lover’s favorite place to come to, the romance is in the air and the setting is perfect. But lovers are not the only ones who come here children have a spot especially made for them called the Secret Garden where they can have a lot of fun. You can buy souvenirs from the shops hosted in the Gardens.

If you head to Sarasota Garden Club you’ll be delighted to see a number of gardens all beautifully designed to attract various butterflies and hummingbirds. But there’s more, at Sarasota Jungle Gardens you can see dozens of species of animals in a surrounding of exotic and local plants.

History buffs will have plenty of action and attraction in Sarasota. The city abounds in museums and activities. December is a special month as you’ll have a lot of history linked activities going on. There is the Crowley Museum and Nature Center organizing activities that tend to present Old Florida traditions. Still in December at Heritage Holidays at Historic Spanish Point you can take part in an annual celebration on Victorian traditions. Another museum is Powel Crosley Museum part of which is dedicated to Powel Crosley, an inventor and innovator. Items that remind us of his work and career are to be seen. But you can also see an antique railroad, a holiday boutique and at certain dates antique Crosley cars display.

Sarasota awaits you with a rich historic heritage and lots of museums, beautiful gardens, plants, animals, great beaches and endless outdoor activities to entertain every tourist. The variety is overwhelming, but that’s exactly what attracts tourists!

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Sarasota travel information

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