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Destination: Seward

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Seward travel information

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Kenai Fjords National Park - Alaska

This marvelous park lies just a few km from the little village called Seward. You can get to the park by boat from the village. Anchorage is a bit further away at 130 km but it is a reasonable distance for those who come to visit from other countries. After you land in Anchorage you can hit the road or the railroad that will get you to Seward.

Actually it is much more pleasant to get on a cruise ship that will take you to Seward. Here you will find some lodges that offer excellent accommodation and easy access to the park. It is here in Seward that you can sign up for a cruise around the park (it is better to make reservations in advance though even if in summer there are daily cruises), or take the village as your base camp and go in the park to fish or hike.

The park abounds in wildlife like seals, whales and otters that can be seen during your cruise or you can opt for a bird’s eye view of the region and get on a plane to get excellent views of the glaciers. You will definitely see some whales (Orcas and humpback).

This vast combination of mountains, ocean and glaciers has three different parts Exit Glacier whih is the easiest to access, the coastal fjords and the Harding Icefield which is more difficult to access.

Fishermen have great opportunities to fish for salmon and halibut, rockfish and lingcod. Of course you will need a license and informing yourself on the local regulations is a must.

Children can get close to marine life if they visit Alaska Sea Life Center where behind big glass tey can have a glimpse of the ocean and get real close to the seals and fish.

This place welcomes all ages and all abilities from the leisure traveler to the experienced adventurer. One activity that is definitely not for beginners is kayaking, the waters are changeable and unpredictable.

This park boasts scenery that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve - Alaska

It is a wonderful place that can be reached only by water or plane as there are no roads and no connection to the Alaska highway system, but this fact makes it even more intriguing and challenging.

You can take a plane to Juneau and from there another one to Gustavus.

The best time to visit is of course in summer, but the Visitor’s Center opens in May and closes in September. The Visitor Information Station is a must stop for all those who come here for the first time. They can get all the information they need about the area. Even if you come in summer you should be prepared for rain and chilly weather, boots are also necessary. If you plan to stay overnight you should be prepared for temperatures up to freezing point. It is not a good idea to bring pets with you as they are not allowed in the wilderness, they may stay though on the boat.

When you are in such a place where natural wanders open before your eyes you feel exhilarated and there is a connection that is created between you and nature.

There are a lot of wonderful things that this place offers: watching the glaciers and the wildlife, hiking, boating, guided walking, snow cave exploration and many other. It really depends on what you want to do and see and how much time you have for all. So planning ahead is always a good idea. If this will be the first trip to this place I would recommend that you join a ranger tour and you will be explained a lot of things about the area. You can check the type of the daily activities and schedule of the activities at Glacier Bay Lodge.

You can choose to have a guided trip on land or water. Coming with your own boat is a good idea too if you are an experienced boater, but you need permits and reservations. There is no fee for private visitors to visit the area.

Fishing also requires a permit. You can catch here both fresh and salt water fish.

As for accommodation you have three options: the Glacier Bay Lodge which is in the park, camping at Bartlett Cove or going to Gustavus which is a little village and has lots of lodges and B&Bs. The scenery in Gustavus is marvelous and the mountains in the background add to it. It is a place that has little to do with modern facilities, but has everything a little community needs and more wonderful outdoors.

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Seward travel information

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Glacier Bay, Seward, AK (SWD)

Glacier Bay, Seward, AK (SWD)

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