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Destination: Wolf Creek

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Wolf Creek travel information


Located in southern Colorado an hour from Salt Lake City’s International Airport, Colorado’s oldest and finest ski resorts, Wolf Creek is the perfect place for those who love to ski or snowboard. Being also close to other ski resorts like Snowbasin and Powder Mountain, it gives you the opportunity to extend your skiing and visit other resorts too.

Not that you wouldn’t get enough snow here! The terrain that extends on 1,600 acres along a high alpine ridge gets an average snowfall of 465 inches a year which is quite plenty and in comparison to well known resorts like Aspen and Breckenridge Wolf Creek is by far the one that gets the most snow. It also has the most adventurous terrain in a state known for great skiing.

Offering a cozy and family-friendly atmosphere, Wolf Creek is also known for the surrounding areas that offer a great number of recreational activities and opportunities to relax for both families and friends.

Because Wolf Creek is a high alpine ski resort with 10,300 feet at the base and 11,900 feet at the summit, you have to wear protective equipment like sunglasses and use sunscreen cream. Bringing extra clothes and goggles is necessary as the weather conditions change rapidly. All these precautions are to be taken into consideration including the fact that you will have to be more careful on your first day on the mountain. High elevation can make you feel a bit uneasy especially if you’re not used to it. In case you get tired, stop for a while and drink plenty of water.

Established in 1939, Wolf Creek is master planned community set in a beautiful mountain abundant in light powder snow and offering incredible views. Services are impeccable and you will meet only with friendly employees part of whom will ensure your skiing safely on the mountain.

This year round resort is at the top with recreation, fine dining and historic charm. The perfect combination of all these can be found at the rustic lodge where you can taste some delicious home made food.

For those who want to benefit of full services, Wolf Creek Lodge provides plenty of cafeterias, but keep in mind that most things are kept rustic so you won’t be able to pay with credit cards. Another just as natural thing is that there are no terrain parks, but there is plenty of fun on the slopes. Skiers of all levels have terrain to match their ability there's the Nova Chair for beginners, for Intermediates there is the new Raven Lift and the Bonanza Chair while for more expert skiers there’s Treasure Chair and Alberta Lift.

If you want to take part in a competition, Wolf Creek area hosts a number of fun races that are available for all levels and all ages from 3 up to 65 and over. Fun can continue at Wolf Creek Adventures with exciting outings while Snowshoe Tours offer some of the best outdoor experience for all ages. Trail snack, water, Photography Tour and transportation are provided and the guides will give you tips on what and how to take the most beautiful pictures.

Here at Wolf Creek Resort you can enjoy the mountain while having a business meeting, a training session or a team building activity.

No matter what reason you have for coming here you will find incredible scenery, recreation professionals, friendly people, great food and plenty of outdoor fun.

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Wolf Creek travel information

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Wolf Creek, CO, United States, Wolf Creek  (NOT FOUND)

Wolf Creek, CO, United States, Wolf Creek  (NOT FOUND)

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