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Who we are and what we are trying to achieve:

Faredetective has been established to put together a truly objective travel information site. We are a diverse group of people who enjoy traveling and understand the need of finding the best travel deals easily. Faredetective offers consumers the ability to enter their search information only once and gives them the choice to select from all of their favorite websites to find their perfect travel deal.
Faredetective offers this search for air, hotels, car, cruises and vacation packages. At the same time, Faredetective is dedicated to providing everyone in the travel industry the opportunity to showcase their preferred top deals. With the recent introduction of the UltimateTravelSearch Network, companies can now distribute their deals to a network of sites.

The Faredetective team will continue to make enhancements to the site. We value your comments, as we continue to expand and improve our services. Email us at info(at)travelgrove.com. Everything we do at Faredetective is focused on the customer. Why? Because we believe that loyal customers are more valuable to our advertisers. We don't view advertising as an intrusive part of the page, but rather advertise in a way that will add value to our users.

Domains that we manage:
- www.faredetective.com
- www.travelgrove.com
- www.airfaresweb.com
- www.travelmetasearch.com


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