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Our popular fare history charts allow to take a closer look at how prices have changed over time. This helps you understand airfare seasonality, so you know when to book your flights for your next trip. It's easy, just entry any departure and destination airport and see for yourself. If you like our website, then do us a big favor and recommend us! :)

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    While air fares were more expensive even more than 20 years ago, and very few were able to afford the convenience of faster travelling, traveling by plane has become completely normal and affordable to everyone. In addition to renowned airlines, there are also many other so-called low cost airlines with offers on the market. At, we've been watching airfare prices for a very large number of routes for more than 13 years. We share this valuable treasure here with you and give you such a first-class tool to buy in a smarter way really cheap airline ticket. What do you do best? Just enter the desired combination of departure and arrival airports in the search fields and you will receive historic flight price developments. Another clever way to use the search is simply enter only a specific destination airport without a departure airport to see if there is may be another departure airport in my immediate vicinity that I may still be able to reach by car. So you can save extra money in addition to the optimal booking time. As an inspiration to the popular destination airport, we would like to mention Flights to Las VegasFlights to Atlanta  or Flights to Miami. Also super exciting are Flights to San FranciscoFlights to Boston or Flights to Houston.