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Airfare history to Charlotte

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Route Price
Airfares from Orlando (ORLANDO INT'L) to Charlotte (CLT) $60
Airfares from Fort Lauderdale (FT. LAUDERDALE INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $60
Airfares from Houston (HOUSTON INTERCONT) to Charlotte (CLT) $70
Airfares from Newark (NEW YORK NY/NEWARK NEWARK INL) to Charlotte (CLT) $71
Airfares from New York (NEW YORK NY/NEWARK LA GUARDIA) to Charlotte (CLT) $75
Airfares from Tampa (TAMPA TAMPA) to Charlotte (CLT) $80
Airfares from Cleveland (CLEVELAND HOPKINS) to Charlotte (CLT) $106
Airfares from Denver (Denver International Airport) to Charlotte (CLT) $108
Airfares from Miami (MIAMI INT'L) to Charlotte (CLT) $114
Airfares from Boston (BOSTON LOGAN) to Charlotte (CLT) $117
Airfares from Pensacola (PENSACOLA REGIONAL) to Charlotte (CLT) $129
Airfares from Las Vegas (LAS VEGAS MCCARRAN) to Charlotte (CLT) $141
Airfares from Fort Worth/Dallas (DALLAS INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $148
Airfares from Columbus (COLUMBUS INT'L) to Charlotte (CLT) $156
Airfares from Indianapolis (INDIANAPOLIS INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $156
Airfares from Oklahoma City (OKLAHOMA CITY ROGERS) to Charlotte (CLT) $158
Airfares from Minneapolis (MINNEAPOLIS INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $158
Airfares from Phoenix (PHOENIX INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $167
Airfares from Detroit (DETROIT WAYNE CO) to Charlotte (CLT) $168
Airfares from Buffalo (BUFFALO INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $169
Airfares from Grand Rapids (GRAND RAPIDS KENT CTY) to Charlotte (CLT) $170
Airfares from Baltimore (BALTIMORE INT'L) to Charlotte (CLT) $171
Airfares from Oakland (OAKLAND INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $175
Airfares from San Francisco (SAN FRANCISCO INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $177
Airfares from Santa Ana (SANTA ANA WAYNE INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $186
Airfares from Manchester (MANCHESTER MUNICIPAL) to Charlotte (CLT) $188
Airfares from San Antonio (SAN ANTONIO INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $188
Airfares from Los Angeles (LOS ANGELES INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $194
Airfares from New York (NEW YORK NY/NEWARK KENNEDY) to Charlotte (CLT) $196
Airfares from Washington DC (WASHINGTON DULLES) to Charlotte (CLT) $201
Airfares from Gainesville (GAINESVILLE) to Charlotte (CLT) $201
Airfares from Pittsburgh (PITTSBURGH INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $205
Airfares from Milwaukee (MILWAUKEE G MITCHELL) to Charlotte (CLT) $206
Airfares from Saint Louis (ST. LOUIS INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $211
Airfares from Washington DC (WASHINGTON NATIONAL) to Charlotte (CLT) $213
Airfares from Dayton (DAYTON INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $241
Airfares from Atlanta (ATLANTA HARTSFIELD) to Charlotte (CLT) $247
Airfares from San Jose (SAN JOSE) to Charlotte (CLT) $253
Airfares from Austin (AUSTIN BERGSTROM) to Charlotte (CLT) $257
Airfares from Kansas City (KANSAS CITY INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $261
Airfares from Philadelphia (PHILADELPHIA PA/WILM'TON INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $262
Airfares from Chicago (CHICAGO O'HARE) to Charlotte (CLT) $281
Airfares from San Diego (SAN DIEGO LINDBERG) to Charlotte (CLT) $291
Airfares from Missoula (MISSOULA) to Charlotte (CLT) $293
Airfares from West Palm Beach (WEST PALM BEACH INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $294
Airfares from Boise (BOISE GOWEN FLD) to Charlotte (CLT) $300
Airfares from Portland (PORTLAND INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $301
Airfares from Omaha (OMAHA EPPLEY) to Charlotte (CLT) $306
Airfares from Tucson (TUCSON INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $357
Airfares from Colorado Springs (COLORADO SPRINGS PETERSON) to Charlotte (CLT) $396
Airfares from Cincinnati (CINCINNATI CIN N.KNTY) to Charlotte (CLT) $399
Airfares from Toronto (TORONTO PEARSON) to Charlotte (CLT) $423
Airfares from Calgary (CALGARY INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $445
Airfares from Medford (MEDFORD JACKSON CO) to Charlotte (CLT) $504
Airfares from Toronto (TORONTO TORONTO IS) to Charlotte (CLT) $553
Airfares from London (LONDON HEATHROW) to Charlotte (CLT) $717
Airfares from Manchester (MANCHESTER INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $785
Airfares from Chennai (MADRAS MENMBARKAM) to Charlotte (CLT) $921
Airfares from Honolulu (HONOLULU INTL) to Charlotte (CLT) $1016
Airfares from Beijing (BEIJING CAPITAL) to Charlotte (CLT) $1255

General Facts about Charlotte

One of the largest city in state of North Carolina, Charlotte is best known for its diverse culture, business, history and love for music. People of Charlotte are also fond of outdoor activities and participate in sports activities. The city is home to approximately 880,000 residents and is gradually growing! One of the greatest attraction of the city comes from the interest in sports; Carolina Panthers of National Football League, Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association, Charlotte Independence of USL, Charlotte Hounds of Major League Lacrosse and Charlotte Ballet are best known for their participation, enthusiasm and awards.

In 2016. According to the state Tourism Report, Charlotte has made a recorded total tax revenue of $911million. Most of the tourist are astonished by the culture preservation. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs iterate the city’s art-hub to be the centre of tourist attraction.

But, what’s the best way to travel to Charlotte?

The city has a multiple airport stations for the convenience of the travellers. The international airport, or the central airport of the city is known as the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. It is categorized to be the second largest hub for the American flights catering about 700 destinations and 140 non-stop flights. The airport is located 7 miles west to downtown.

The airport itself has a mesmerizing infrastructure and catches the eye of the coming tourist of the state. In 2015, the number of travellers from Charlotte airport were 44.1 million people. It is also interesting to note that the Charlotte airport resides 6th busiest airport of the state.

What’s the best time to visit Charlotte?

The optimal time to visit the city and feel the literal atmosphere and the beauty of the natural intermixed with the urban infrastructure is from March to May or September to November. The beauty of the state can be witnessed throughout the year, however, the suggested months will let you have less costly visit. Another plus of the shoulder season visits is that there is less tourist in the city which means that the atmosphere and the environment of the visiting sites will be quiet peaceful (if you have a liking for calm and peaceful environment).

Things to do in Charlotte

The city has numerous tourist attraction points, from food to cultural preservation and diversity. The Queen city, as it is called is not for the reason it’s legacy and cultural importance since the birth of the state. The cultural significance and preserved artefacts have historical importance that dates back to centuries. While your stay at the Charlotte city you can enjoy the fresh air and witness the most breath-taking arts and belongings of the ancestors parents of the city. In your stay at Charlotte, don’t forget to list down these following things that are a must-do to make your visit a memorable one;
Charlotte witnesses the most brightly coloured decorated festivals of the world. The beautiful combination of the modern contemporary world arts and the traditional style of living is depicted from the decoration and flow of the event. The events are usually began with the colourful vibrant colour shows and celebration parade. The artists and volunteers dressed up in vivid and high catching bright colours. The pony and train rides for the children, fireworks, inflatable balloons, traditional cuisines, historical cuisines, display of historical arts and modern paintings adds up to the beauty of the festival. In fall, the labour day parade and festival, Charlotte kosher BBQ, Cabarrus County Fair, Yiasou Greek Festival, Festival of India, Fiddle n’ Pig shinding, The Great Pumpkin Festival, Tawba Walk Music and Art Festival, Fall Auto Fair and much more becomes the source of entertainment and joy for the public. The best part about the people of Charlotte and the festivals is that they are welcoming and open to public- everyone is a guest!
The mouth-watering dishes available in the city is one of the prominent tourist attraction. As the city is full of the diverse culture and embraces people all around the world. It has variety of food range available that pleases the taste buds of all the tourist just fine!

The wide-range of food awaits to please the taste-buds of the visitors include; Italian, Greek and French cuisines. The famous coffee shops gives a kick-start to your tourist back-pack. The vegan food ranges of the city are quite remarkable, the scrumptious taste and the mouth-watering presentation of the food makes it difficult for the person to stop. The eateries are well-maintained hygienic and definitely full of specialized customer representative and service caterers. The Indian food is also available in a variety of range, the kebabs store and the famous biryani of the Asian tradition attracts many of the tourist to stop-by and have a go.
The best part about the Charlotte eateries are that they are not that costly and almost everything is a great value for money. According to a report by the state authority, an average of $20/ per person can be spent on food per day.

The Sports
One of the most interesting factors that add Charlotte to the visiting list is its contribution to the national sports. The people of charlotte have great interest in sports and activities and it has become one of the major reason of its world-wide fame and recognition. The city is said to send its leaders to the sports and the people cheer for them. One of the slogans chanted by the residents of Charlotte, ‘Play, Celebrate and Cheers to Victory’.
The dedication and commitment of the sportsmen and the appreciation by the authorities is one of the main reason of its success in the sports world.
The people of Charlotte are die-heart fan of music. The city is famous for the concerts of the most renowned names of the entertainment industry. The historical mecca of music is one of the most prominent spots of tourist attraction. The city also has a school of music, known as Charlotte Academy of Music, which trains individuals to become professional music and artist. From typically traditional to pop rock and contemporary artist, the music festivals and concert catalogue of the state is definitely one of the mass attraction of the public.
The city of Charlotte is one of the most prominent contributors of financial assets to the state. It is said to become one of the major U.S financial centre. It is said that the small business of the charlotte city reached remarkable heights and became one of the most sound business sectors of the state. The city typically has a good luck for the businessman and investors and often becomes a source of success for its people.
History, Arts and Culture
Rich in arts and preservation of tradition and culture. Charlotte has kept the city’s site of amusement and precious artefacts to most respectable positions. The display of historical arts scriptures demonstrate the love of the city for its deep-rooted culture and fine-arts. Furthermore, the interest of the contemporary resident of the state and the love of the art by the people is also demonstrated in several art galleries. The Levine Museum, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Mint Museum UPTOWN, Discover Place Nature and many other museums catches the tourist eye, and has become an important source of the increasing tourism of the city.
Tourist Attraction Points in Charlotte
1. NASCAR Hall of Fame; a display of historic race car and a definite visit for all the enthusiastic NASCAR fans.
2. Charlotte Museum of History; display of artefacts and preserves of history
3. Levine Museum of the South; Post-Civil war display
4. Freedom Park; hundred acre of land, beautifully maintained a great place for relaxation
5. Bill Graham Library; Learn about television pastor’s life through multimedia display.
6. Historic Rosedale Plantation; nine acre of plantation, few minutes away from uptown. The majestic flowering trees are tourist attraction.

How to get around?

Charlotte is an easy to live city with all the convenience of public transport and buses. The city can be navigated through android maps. The friendly atmosphere of the city and the humble people are a plus point to your visit to Charlotte. It will not be difficult for you to get around and find the beautiful tourist attractions. The convenient options include buses, trains and taxis for the transportation services.

Travel to Charlotte Today!

After reading all the beautiful insights of the city, it is hard for anyone to not plan a quick-visit. It is important to have your leisure time or work-break to be utilized in the most productive way and what can be better than visiting a city of historical importance. The soothing environment of Freedom Park will definitely take all your work-stress away whereas the Historical Museum and Plantation of the Rosedale gives your eyes an enchanting display of what we call, the true human development.