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Airfare history to Phoenix

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Route Price
Airfares from San Diego (SAN DIEGO LINDBERG) to Phoenix (PHX) $47
Airfares from Los Angeles (LOS ANGELES INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $67
Airfares from Ontario (ONTARIO INT'L) to Phoenix (PHX) $67
Airfares from Oakland (OAKLAND INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $79
Airfares from Chicago (CHICAGO O'HARE) to Phoenix (PHX) $85
Airfares from Burbank (BURBANK) to Phoenix (PHX) $93
Airfares from San Francisco (SAN FRANCISCO INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $112
Airfares from Santa Ana (SANTA ANA WAYNE INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $115
Airfares from Chicago (CHICAGO MIDWAY) to Phoenix (PHX) $130
Airfares from Fort Worth/Dallas (DALLAS INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $141
Airfares from Seattle (SEATTLE/TACOMA SEA/TAC) to Phoenix (PHX) $141
Airfares from Fort Lauderdale (FT. LAUDERDALE INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $144
Airfares from Boise (BOISE GOWEN FLD) to Phoenix (PHX) $145
Airfares from Newark (NEW YORK NY/NEWARK NEWARK INL) to Phoenix (PHX) $148
Airfares from Long Beach (LONG BEACH MUNICIPAL) to Phoenix (PHX) $150
Airfares from Miami (MIAMI INT'L) to Phoenix (PHX) $156
Airfares from Washington DC (WASHINGTON NATIONAL) to Phoenix (PHX) $158
Airfares from Minneapolis (MINNEAPOLIS INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $161
Airfares from Cincinnati (CINCINNATI CIN N.KNTY) to Phoenix (PHX) $167
Airfares from Orlando (ORLANDO INT'L) to Phoenix (PHX) $169
Airfares from Philadelphia (PHILADELPHIA PA/WILM'TON INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $169
Airfares from Oklahoma City (OKLAHOMA CITY ROGERS) to Phoenix (PHX) $188
Airfares from San Jose (SAN JOSE) to Phoenix (PHX) $193
Airfares from El Paso (EL PASO INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $193
Airfares from Detroit (DETROIT WAYNE CO) to Phoenix (PHX) $193
Airfares from Cleveland (CLEVELAND HOPKINS) to Phoenix (PHX) $198
Airfares from New York (NEW YORK NY/NEWARK LA GUARDIA) to Phoenix (PHX) $202
Airfares from Baltimore (BALTIMORE INT'L) to Phoenix (PHX) $205
Airfares from Pittsburgh (PITTSBURGH INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $207
Airfares from Omaha (OMAHA EPPLEY) to Phoenix (PHX) $219
Airfares from Columbus (COLUMBUS INT'L) to Phoenix (PHX) $224
Airfares from Milwaukee (MILWAUKEE G MITCHELL) to Phoenix (PHX) $229
Airfares from Indianapolis (INDIANAPOLIS INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $233
Airfares from Buffalo (BUFFALO INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $258
Airfares from Durham/Raleigh (RALEIGH/DURHAM INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $265
Airfares from Madison (MADISON TRUAX FLD) to Phoenix (PHX) $273
Airfares from Boston (BOSTON LOGAN) to Phoenix (PHX) $276
Airfares from Austin (AUSTIN BERGSTROM) to Phoenix (PHX) $279
Airfares from Memphis (MEMPHIS INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $279
Airfares from Fresno (FRESNO TERMINAL) to Phoenix (PHX) $291
Airfares from Waco (WACO METRO) to Phoenix (PHX) $298
Airfares from Bloomington (BLOOMINGTON NORMAL) to Phoenix (PHX) $302
Airfares from Louisville (LOUISVILLE STANDIFORD) to Phoenix (PHX) $310
Airfares from Peoria (PEORIA GTR PEORIA) to Phoenix (PHX) $318
Airfares from Saint Louis (ST. LOUIS INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $326
Airfares from Vancouver (VANCOUVER INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $336
Airfares from Providence (PROVIDENCE T. FRANCIS) to Phoenix (PHX) $342
Airfares from Victoria (VICTORIA INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $346
Airfares from New York (NEW YORK NY/NEWARK KENNEDY) to Phoenix (PHX) $366
Airfares from Moline (MOLINE QUAD CITY) to Phoenix (PHX) $372
Airfares from Toronto (TORONTO PEARSON) to Phoenix (PHX) $387
Airfares from Des Moines (DES MOINES MUNICIPAL) to Phoenix (PHX) $403
Airfares from Washington DC (WASHINGTON DULLES) to Phoenix (PHX) $404
Airfares from Fort Myers (FORT MYERS REGIONAL) to Phoenix (PHX) $405
Airfares from Rochester (ROCHESTER MONROE CTY) to Phoenix (PHX) $457
Airfares from Albany (ALBANY COUNTY) to Phoenix (PHX) $462
Airfares from Dallas (DALLAS LOVE) to Phoenix (PHX) $490
Airfares from Harrisburg (HARRISBURG INTL) to Phoenix (PHX) $512
Airfares from Kahului (KAHULUI) to Phoenix (PHX) $541

General facts about Phoenix

Phoenix is a big city situated at south-western of United States of America and has a population of about 1,615,017 people. Phoenix is a state capital and is one of the top five (5) when it comes to population and city grading nationwide. When it comes to residential rating, Phoenix has over one million inhabitants. The name Phoenix is generated from a mythological bird; The Phoenix said to be an immortal bird which rises from self-ashes.

Phoenix is an anchor of Phoenix metropolitan region also known to be ‘'Valley of Sun'' because it is located within ‘'Salt River Valley'', with mountain within and around the city. The metropolitan region of Phoenix is rated 12th largest city in the United States in a population with about 4.3 ‘'million'' people as of 2010 ratings.

Phoenix's attracts over 22 million people each year while over 44 million persons visit Arizona every year due to her all-round beautiful views and attractions.

Things to do in Phoenix

Phoenix has many attractions which you can experience to have a very amazing and memorable time in the city. It is very interesting to note that, just a few cities all over the world have something to offer when it comes to tourists attractions. Phoenix is unique when it comes to activities, sites, and views, but the big question remains which one do you chose over the other? Therefore, if you're planning on visiting the city of Phoenix, there are many places and things to do. So plan your schedule more expansively and be ready to have a life-long memory.

Arriving the city for the first time, you must pay a visit to the Camelback Mountains so that you can experience the city from a very high peak. The mountain summit is as high as 2,704 feet, and you can see the whole of Phoenix from that point. You have two options to climb to the summit. You can follow the Summit Trail which is 1.2 miles and very steep, or you follow the Cholla Trail which is 1.5 mile with a gradual incline from the east. There are other trails as well which a beginner can follow to get to the summit. If you want to go to the Camelback Mountain, wake up early or go in the evening when the heat is low but make sure you have a lot of water.

Do you want to have an appointment with history, then you must visit the Heard Museum. All major cities and minor once have museums. However, Heard Museum is much unique due to it styles and grace by which both exhibition and treasures are displayed, and the air-conditioned environment is just too awesome. There are over ‘'32,000 '' pieces of fine art and cultural. Also, permanent exhibits such as the eminent Barry Goldwater collections display year round. There are other yearly events such as the World Championship Hoop Dancing Competition-normally hold once in February. Also the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market hold once in March.

North Phoenix has a surprising destination for lovers of music, global culture enthusiasts, and individual that finds joy in listening and also learning respectively. If you love music, then your next stop should be the Musical and Instrumental Museum.They have collections of musical instruments that cut across the world, so colorful and very impressive in designs, absolute audio with vignettes for listening pleasures. MIM is placed to be at all times. If you desire total entertainment, MIM got a concert venue where they perform music from all sphere of the world. You sure cannot find such museum elsewhere. So if you are planning a visit to Phoenix, make this place a part of your list.

If you are a lover and fan of baseball, Phoenix University's Stadium is just for you. Chase Field is the first in the world of baseball facilities to combine air conditioning, natural turf field, and retracted roof. The retractor roof in Chase Field can close within 5 minutes! To make your visit more complete, consider visiting the Arizona Diamondback game too. You can also tour the stadium if you want.
Also, Lunch or Dinner at Fridays Front Row Sports Grill is ready to serve you all through 363 days per year. Chase Field is situated in downtown of Phoenix, also nearby; there is light rail station which makes movement easier for you. Other available games within the same axis of ‘'Arizona Cardinal'' is the Fiesta Bowl and Super Bowl game, herein, you will find amazing facilities too. You can have a tour after gaming seasons too.

Do you love animals, then you must plan to visit the Phoenix Zoo. Phoenix Zoo is a privately owned and non-profit zoo. The zoo is not only known as the youngest but also for its successes in the country. It's strictly non-government funding. The Phoenix Zoo is assisted through donors with private organizations. This individual knows the important role which the Zoo play in the society. Phoenix Zoo operates actively throughout the days of the year including Christmas Days. During summer, its advice to visit the Phoenix Zoo early morning reasons been that animals search for shades to hide due to the day heat.
If you love a little exhilarating adventure, you must experience the Phoenix hot air Balloon Ride. Phoenix is known for her atmospheric conditions such as abundance sunshine good for hot air balloon ride. Have you ever dreamed of floating over valleys? Then make your dream a reality by making your trip down to Phoenix.

Would you like to spend some dollars in Phoenix, try shopping in some of the destinations known for varieties of goods and others shopping items? You will surely have a great time moving to the shopping centers and other shopping destinations. Do you want to do some upscale shopping, visit Biltmore Fashion Park where you will see popular names like Saks and Escada? For the more recent fashion, visit Tanger Outlets stores on the west side of Phoenix. If you want to have family fun while shopping, consider going to Desert Ridge Marketplace for it. You can also shop at Phoenix Premium Outlets or the Melrose Shopping District.

There are varieties of watercraft for pleasures purpose for singles and couples, young and old. Phoenix has got the recreational boat at its best, boating such as electric boats, pedal boats, kayaks, standing paddleboards and so on. Also, you can have a little fun at the Driving Apache Trail Apache driving is an adventure that allows you drive from Apache Junction, which is about 25 miles, east down-town of Phoenix. Within 46 miles from Apache Junction up to Roosevelt Lake gives the most scenic piece of your trip. (Try to keep your eyes open)! Along your way, you will pass or as well can stop at Lost Dutchman State Park, Saguaro Lake and also the Canvon Lake Recreation Area, Theodore Roosevelt Dam site, and Tonto National Monument. Apache Trail was designated as USFS Scenic by U.S. Forest Service and Arizona Scenic History Byway. Your day trip is sure to be a great one except you're a tense passenger or driver.

What’s the climate like in Phoenix?

Phoenix is mild in warm winter, hot summer and the location of the city is in the sunny region of the world, averagely high in temperature during summers compare to other major cities within the United States. Phoenix average temperature daily is 75 0F (24 0C) compare to the city as Miami's with 77 0F (25 0C). Approximately, Phoenix has 85% days of sunshine. The wettest month of the year is July while June is the driest.

When to go to Phoenix

When planning a visit to Phoenix, your travel in November and April proper in other to experience the city in her glory. Within these two months, you have the opportunity to view the blue skies and experience a very comfortable temperature. The spring period in Phoenix is also a time to visit; these period add special attraction with the blooming cacti as well as wildflowers. The leaves don't change it colors during falls. More so, if you can withstand the heat, then you can find awesome deals on luxury resorts.

How to get there

Phoenix has Sky Harbor International Airport and is rated among the 1st ten and must busiest airports in the United States. Sky Harbor international airport serves over 110,000 people every day with over 1000 flights each day. The airport interchanged eastern part of Phoenix. The airport serves over 100 cities and is located along the metro axis of the freeway. There is also a well-linked train that goes through Maricopa and cut across downtown of Phoenix, it a medium by which passenger move around at a cheaper and faster way.

Also available in the city is the Amtrak Bus, it connects phoenix sky international Airport and Flagstaff proper. Phoenix is also served by Grayhound Bus services, this bus moves and stop at 24th streets near the airport.

Phoenix via Valley Metro providing public transportations enables easy movements around the metropolitan areas of the cities through the bus, trains, and Ride-share. So if you are planning a visit to Phoenix, you need not worry about transportation.