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General Facts about Portland

The City of Roses, Portland, the 6th most populous city on the West Coast is increasingly becoming a major tourist attraction due to its diverse culture and ambience. Situated on the banks of Willamette River, downtown Portland houses sixty percent of the city’s 0.65 million people. The amalgamation of historically rich museums and vibrant scenic parks in the city of Portland offers a unique experience to tourists visiting the city.

Termed as the best food city in the United States, Portland has over 3500 critically acclaimed restaurants which offer a plethora of scrumptious meals to satiate your taste buds. Being the city with the highest number of craft breweries, Portland’s exciting nightlife naturally involves beers and music. With 9.1 million visitors in 2016, the city is becoming a popular tourist destination due to its vibrant city life and variety of parks and outdoor attractions. The increase in the number of visitors can translate into exponential growth of the city’s tourism sector which now employees over 37,000 people. The development of Portland’s tourism industry means there is more and better accommodation, travel and entertainment facilitate available for tourists visiting the city.

How to Go to Portland?

Planning a trip to Portland? You need not worry about commuting to and from the city. Air and land transport is available of the best quality. The city boasts a large airport, the Portland International Airport (PDX) which is the best over the whole of United States for leisure and travel. Furthermore, commuting from the airport to the downtown or vice versa is available both by train and bus. The airport further offers the tourist duty-free shopping, free Wi-Fi and other attractive offers. Furthermore, a large number of airlines provide services to Portland, including Thai Airways.

When to go to Portland?

Tourists from all over the country visit the city around the year but the optimum time to visit Portland is between June and August. During these three months, the weather of the city is considerably warm and pleasant, allowing tourists to truly experience the outdoorsy culture of the city in its element. The climate of Portland is considerably warmer with lesser rain and snowfall as compared to the rest of country with a whopping 144 sunny days!

Although you might want to consider the factor of increase hotel rates, and lack of availability so plan ahead and book your room at least a couple of months prior to your trip. If you are planning your trip on a limited budget, visit the city in winter once the peak season has passed. Festivals are held in the city around the year, so regardless of when you visit the city, you will always have a niche festival to experience in Portland.

Things to do in Portland

Portland is a city teeming with life and adventure, so naturally, there are a lot of things you can do while you are visiting Portland. The city has something to offer to every person visiting it to make them feel welcome, entertained and above all, alive! We have compiled a list of things every tourist to the city must try out during their visit.
Food –a glimpse of culinary heaven in Portland.
If you are visiting Portland and you don’t try the amazing food local restaurants have to offer, you haven’t experienced the best thing Portland has to offer. People literally stand in queues to wait for their turns to be able to experience the delightfully scrumptious meals. In order to celebrate its unique and delicious food, the city organises a four-day food festival every year in September. So if you are a foodie, you must plan to visit the city during September.
Even if you miss the festival you can still enjoy great meals at any of Portland’s famous eateries which have something for every palate, from fine dining to cheaper, pocket-friendly options. You can enjoy a scrumptious pork belly Cubano for just 4 dollars at Bunk, a quaint eatery situated on Morrison Street, along with the bank of the river Willamette. Served with a side of red beans and rice, the sandwich tastes even better if consumed with a bottle of locally brewed beer. For people with finer tastes must visit Vinotopia, a fine establishment located in Forest Park. Their succulent meals prepared with the finest organic ingredients would leave you craving for more…
Portland is a city known for its variety of historically rich museums which are situated all over the city. In order to explore thirty amazing museums in Portland, tourists will have to spend weeks in the city! Oregon Historical Society Museum, situated in downtown Portland, is one of finest museums teeming with thousands of artefacts and paintings about the state’s history, finest artwork by Portland artists. The museum conducts events and tours twice a week all around the year which tourists can sign up to learn more about the history and culture of the city of Portland.
On the other hand, Kidd's Toy Museum located in the southwest of the city is an amazing place to visit if you have kids along with you. The toy museum hosts a wide range of toy trains, planes and you can even purchase dainty souvenirs from the museum as well. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is one place you should not miss. OMSI is one of the most exciting places in Portland. Just to give a hint of how amazing it is, it has an actual USS Navy submarine and a high tech planetarium to enthral tourists visiting the museums.
Portland is the home to the Portland Trail Blazers, one of the most competitive teams in NBA. The healthy and vibrant environment of the city has led an amazing and healthy sports environment. Apart from Basketball, the city is also home to fantastic soccer teams; Portland Thorns, which plays in the NWSL and the Portland Timbers which is a member of MLS. The city boasts of a number of international standard stadiums such as the Providence Park which can seat more than 20,000 people at one time!
Portland tourist attractions
Every city has certain landmark locations which are extremely popular and every tourist visiting the city wants to see it. Portland, too, has several tourist attractions which offer a truly unique Portland experience to the tourists visiting the city:
• Lan Su Chinese Garden –a serene walled Chinese garden with traditional Chinese architecture and rare traditional plants offer a unique and out of the world experience.
• Oregon Zoo –one of the finest zoos spread over 65 acres in the Northern side of the city of Portland, is home hundreds of different kind of animals including elephants, tigers and crocodiles.
• Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks –one of the largest parks in Portland which commemorates one of the most historically significant expeditions in the history of the United States.
• Pioneer Courthouse Square –the busiest place in the city, the square essentially serves as a living room for the entire city. Live music, speeches, shows, performances; every fun and interesting activity you can think of takes place at this square, making it one of the most visited sites in the city of Portland.
• Tom McCall Waterfront Park –thirty-six-acre Scenic Park offers glorious views of the city’s waterfront. Thousands of visitors flock to the park to take amazing pictures and be awestruck by the natural charm of Portland’s landscape.
• Shanghai Tunnels underground passageways –teeming with the secrets of Portland’s criminal history, the Shanghai Tunnels intrigue the more adventurous tourists who visit it in large numbers around the year.

How to get around?

Commuting within Portland is quite hassle-free, cheap and simple. The local transport system compromises several train lines and bus services. MAX trains run on five different lines on about every fifteen minutes, providing cheap and comfortable commute from the airport and four other corners of the city to the city centre. Take as many rides on Portland MAX train all day for just $5! Alternatively, you can simply hop on any of the many buses to go wherever you want for as low as $2.5. The city’s traffic is nice and not crowded at all, so you can even rent a car and drive around yourself. The best way to experience any city’s sight is on foot and the great thing about Portland is that the city has widespread pedestrian access. Which means you can walk in and experience the raw ambience and culture of the city with utmost ease!

Travel to Portland Today!

Portland is a hidden gem in the crown of the West Coast. The city’s intriguing history, a multitude of parks and museums is enough to spark the interest of any visitor. Talking a walk in sparse parks like the Lewis and Clark historical park makes tourists feel like time travellers. The delightfully delicious cuisine offered by Portland’s amazing restaurants, along with the vibrant and hospitable local populace will make you return to the city sooner and more often than you would have ever expected to!